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The Bridge of Winds

The Bridge of Winds is a pedagogical project directed by Iben Nagel Rasmussen since 1989.
The group consists of artists from Latin America, Europe and China. Iben Nagel Rasmussen has gathered these students, not only to make performances, but to transmit her own theatrical heritage: the actor’s formation and the theatrical values, on which she has based her life as an actress.
The group meets every year in different places of the world. The work focuses on physical and vocal training; the creation of in- and outdoor performances, and so-called “barters”: cultural exchanges between The Bridge of Winds and local communities.
The main characteristic of The Bridge of Winds is its long-term duration, which allows a gradual development in depth. Another feature, is to bring together artists from various disciplines (music, theater, dance, fine arts) and from different cultures, making the group a multicultural and multidisciplinary melting pot, going beyond linguistic, artistic, and cultural boundaries.
The Bridge of Winds holds open meetings in collaboration with local theatres, as well as social and cultural institutions. The group also takes theatre to the streets, makes seminars, workshops, cultural exchanges, concerts, conferences, and photographic exhibitions.
During its 30 years of activity, the members of The Bridge of Winds have spread this theatrical heritage through their own artistic work and teaching.

During a BARTER, the actors present their work to a specific milieu which, in return, pays with expressions from its own culture: songs, music and dances, biographical accounts, games, food samples, etc. During meetings with workshops, the participants are invited to take part in the Barter and show of samples of their own work.
A BARTER may take place in crowded urban districts or isolated rural zones, among immigrants, specific ethnic or religious minorities, in hospitals, community centres, prisons, schools, with the fire brigade, the police, a rock club, rappers, a church and its parishioners, the patients of a mental asylum, the children in a kindergarten, etc.
It is a social interaction that functions in spite of language barriers and cultural differences. A BARTER includes elements that are not necessarily artistic in themselves, but acquire a theatrical value and function, such as sports events, religious ceremonies, fish auctions, military exercises and manoeuvres.

The first Vindenes Bro – The Bridge of Winds seminar was held in Denmark in 1989, at Odin Teatret. The students that continued to study with Iben Nagel Rasmussen formed the base of the group.
In 1999 Nye Vinde – New Winds was formed under the guidance of Iben Nagel Rasmussen, with a group of younger actors, working under the same principles.
In 2009 the 2 groups were merged, and have since worked as one group, under the name Vindenes Bro -The Bridge of Winds.
Since 2015 a smaller group of new students has been invited to train with the existing group as prospective members. They continue their training alongside the Bridge of Winds’ members.


Carlos Simioni
Actor, director and researcher

Tippe Molsted
Singer, storyteller, musician and actress

Lina Della Rocca
Actress, pedagogue and Artistic Director

Guillermo Angelelli
Actor, professor and director

Antonella Diana
Set designer, visual artist, costume designer, technician, teacher

Sandra Pasini
Actress, director, pedagogue and artistic director

Rafael Magalhães
Actor, pedagog and producer

Tatiana Cardoso
Teacher, actress, director and theatre researcher

Francesco Galli
Photografer and film-maker

Annemarie Waagepetersen
Actress, musician and project coordinator

Mika Juusela
Actor, director, and teacher

Katarzyna Kazimierczuk
Theatre director

Iza Vuorio
Actress, singer, seamstress, costume designer, and prop maker

Signe Gravlund Thomsen
Actress and teacher

Jori Snell
Actress, dancer, teacher, director

Luis Alonso
Actor director and theatre researcher

Pernille Abildgaard Ullmann
Digital technician and project coordinator

Elena Floris
Musician, actress, and assistant director

Sofia Monsalve Fiori
Actress, director, and pedagogue

Emilie Molsted

Frida Molsted

Adriana La Selva
Theatre-maker and researcher

Yteng Ding
Actor and Director

Miguel Jerez
Actor and musician

Marcos Rangel Koslowski
Actor, performer and clown

Rodrigo Carinhana
Actor and musician