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The Path of Actions

“The Path of Actions” is a residential theatre workshop led by Valerio Peroni and Alice Occhiali from Váli Theater Lab at Nordic Theater Laboratory

In this workshop, participants will be encouraged and helped to express themselves through various theater techniques with a physical approach. The aim is for the actors to develop their awareness and stage presence, (re)discover and explore new creative possibilities for their own body, voice, and imagination.

Participants will use the pre-expressive stage of training as a steppingstone towards the “expressive” dimension that occurs during the development of stage material.

Each participant creates their own character through improvisation and physical composition. We work with rhythms, dynamic qualities, object use and physical scores.

The character will be linked to the creative theme “Elsewhere”, which is inspired by “The Poetic of Space” written by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard.

The daily work is divided into two: “The pre-expressive moment” and “The expressive moment”.

The first part includes psycho-physical training of the actor. Here the participants study both the physical, the vocal and the inner, but the attention will be particularly directed to the physical action and studies of its three parameters: speed, volume, and intensity.

In the second part, the theme “Elsewhere” is the creative starting point for character development. The creation of the character will be linked to this theme through elaboration of physical scores related to a text. The participants themselves choose a text/monologue that relates to the proposed theme.

Helped and directed by the instructors, the participants create their own original staging.

The workshop is inspired by the work of masters of the 20th century theatrical tradition, including Konstantin Stanislavskij, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Michael Chekhov, Jacques Lecoq, Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba.



If you or your institution is interested in facilitating the workshop you can contact:workshop@ntl.dk

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