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Dreams Traces Travellings Containers

Dreams Traces Travellings Containers project was created with the intention of putting the concept of dreams at the center that pushes people to journey to improve one’s existence. Empathic narration is the “language” we have chosen to adopt: a non evaluative way of listening that prefers understanding the feelings and basic needs of the other. The intent is to focus on the concept of dreams that pushes people to travel to improve their lives.


We will collect stories that will form an Archive, called the Archive of Dreams, constituting the narrative material for theatrical dramaturgy. Historical archives, associations working in the field, local communities will be involved, asking them to tell contemporary and past stories that tell the dream that drove them to move, to describe the momentum that moves and pushes them to change their lives and take a new course, coming or starting from the local territory. Once the stories have been collected, they will be organized and shared in the Archive platform.


At the end of the project the information will be made available to those who request it, at the time of registration. From the completion of this phase, will begin the dramaturgy process based on the collected material the creative process supported by dramaturgical workshops will create performance.



The subjects involved in the project have a history of artistic production research and growth on the social fabric of their territory as well as experiences of international exchanges and collaborations. A project like this, which concerns a transactional theme such as migration, if addressed exclusively at local level risks aligning itself with the cultural political orientations of the country itself. International collaboration is essential to have a broader perspective, moving away from prejudices, clichés and personal feeling.

Perform and travel

We are in the process of defining, due to the current global pandemic, the calendar and number of days of duration of the festival. The shows produced, will circulate over several days of the festival, which will touch the European countries in which the partners are artistically resident. The project will end with a collective theatrical performance in Brussels, rehearsed during a European tour.