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The Soul Catcher

4. October @ 19:00 20:30

The Soul Catcher is a seductive and deeply disturbing theater performance about psychological violence, manipulation, control and power. The show is created at the intersection of theater, dark cabaret and performance art. The Soul Catcher focuses on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), which is characterized by a lack of empathy, destructive self-worship, scheming reality staging, the search for validation and the predation of other people.

The Soul Catcher is:

  • A black-humored theater performance about the modern predator.
  • A scenic commentary on today’s societal and cultural values.
  • An alarm clock, a survival kit, a survival strategy.

The Soul Catcher challenges audience conventions. As in any narcissistic relationship where abuser and victim are mutually dependent on each other, the audience plays a crucial role. We play with the nature of the narcissist by first blinding and seducing, and then gradually manipulating the relationship between performers and audience.

“The performance is sharp and unsentimental. It is a mix of performance, dance, spoken words and spiced with hard-hitting electronic music. The three actors do not compromise on their expression, but deliver a solid performance. The performance lives up to my high expectations, which I have come to expect from the creator of the work, Anika B. Lewis. Lewis and even got a great gift on top of the hat, as the theme was both presented as autofiction and was fantastically portrayed. Bravo for courage and artistic weight.”

With black humor, charm, intelligence and unpredictability, we create a universe that slowly pushes the boundaries to create debate about control, power, empathy and personal responsibility.

Where is YOUR limit?

The Soul Catcher premiered in Bora Bora in January 2020. The show has subsequently played at Teater Momentum, The Royal Danish Theatre and Helsingør Teater / Kulturværftet.

Århus Stiftstidende:
The narcissist swallows your soul
“The Soul Catcher shows with great precision how dangerous those people are who on the surface are extremely energetic, sensitive and intelligent, but behind all their masks and identities, they harbor an emotional vampire.”


Erik Pold

Lisbeth Sonne Andersen

Johan Svensson

Artistic team

Director/choreographer: Annika B. Lewis

Set design: Signe Krogh

Composer: Sofus Forsberg

Lighting design: Morten Ladefoged

Dramaturge: Anne Hübertz Brekne

A performance by Annika B. Lewis and Kassandra Production

“As an audience member, it’s like a ride on a roller coaster. Huge changes in experience and mood. From joy to discomfort. From comedy to seduction. From chaos to laughter. From comfort to confusion. All in a jumble that can change over a long period of time, down to a few minutes or even seconds! Like the psychopath’s behavior and appearance, this show is extremely unpredictable and at the same time strikes a powerful contemporary blow for information and prevention of encounters with a psychopath. Be on your guard!”


særkærparken 144
Holstebro, 7500 Danmark
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