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Frans Winther

Frans Winther

Former employee until 2022

Frans Winther is a composer and musician. He was born in 1947 in Støvring, Denmark. Frans Winther studied at the Nordjysk Music Conservatory and has composed music for various theatre groups and orchestras. He joined Odin Teatret in 1987 where he performs as musician and composes/arranges music for its performances and other activities such as Holstebro Festuge (Festive Week), ISTA, Theatrum Mundi, barters and he also directs transformances (theatricalisation of a specific social milieu) around the world. He has created two operas: Shakuntala (his own libretto based on Kalidasa’s play) and EZRA (directed by him, with libretto by Peter Laugesen based on Ezra Pound’s life and poems). Frans Winther has initiated the monthly poetry evenings in Holstebro, The Omar Kayyám Evenings. He has put poems by Thomas Boberg to music on the CD The Tide, the Day, and the Light of Parting, and by Ib Michael on the CD The Breath.

Fathers and Sons
Inside the Skeleton of the Whale
Ode to Progress
The Great Cities under the Moon
Andersen’s Dream
Don Giovanni all’Inferno
The Deaf Man’s House

Theatrum Mundi performances
Four Poems for Sanjukta
Ego Faust
The Island of Labyrinths


Performance Demonstrations
The Whispering Winds

Odin performances for children

Dennis, the Woolf


Music on CD

The Tide, the Day, and the Light of Parting (Music by Frans Winther and poems by Thomas Boberg)
The Breath (Music by Frans Winther and poems by Ib Michael)
Ur-Hamlet (Music by Frans Winther and words by Saxo Grammaticus)


Performances directed by Frans Winther for other companies

The Tide (Holstebro Festuge 2002, Denmark)
The Breath (Rinkjøbing Amts Festival Vinden 2003, Denmark)
Songs from Times Past (Århus Rådhus 2007)
Lo Splendore dell’Età (Turin University, Italy)
The Lightning Darkness of Love (Holstebro Festuge 2008, Denmark)
Wings over Vemb (Inteferens Holstebro 2009, Denmark)