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Stepping Stones (in English)

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Ingemar Lindh: Stepping Stones
Icarus Publishing Enterprise, Holstebro – Malta – Wroclaw 2010, 232 pages. In English. ISBN 978-0-415-72298-8
Translated by Benno Plassmann and Marlene Schranz with the assistance of Magdalena Pietruska, Edited and introduced by Frank Camilleri

Stepping Stones is the book of a practitioner. It documents the work of a laboratory-based practice that investigated the principles of collective improvisation as a performance practice. Though the dynamics and mechanisms of collective work and improvisation have been amply researched in training and composition contexts, not so can be said in the context of performance. Ingemar Lindh’s research, which announces a resistance to choreography, fixed scores, and directorial montage, has significant implications for the practice and theory of performance in a post-dramatic age.

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