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Wind in the West (in English)

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Julia Varley: Wind in the West
Odin Teatrets Forlag, Denmark 1997. 64 pages, illus. In English. ISBN 87-87929-01-7

Wind in the West is the story of a theatre character, Doña Musica who tells in first person the wanderings in the labyrinth that led to Kaosmos, a performance of Odin Teatret. Anecdotes, fortuitous meetings, evocative readings, technical solutions and improvisations reveal the adventure of the director, the actors and their characters as they advance between difficulties and misunderstandings from the disorder of a process (Chaos) towards the coherence of a creation (Cosmos). Kaosmos was performed for the first time in Holstebro in April 1993 and for the last time in December 1996, in all 210 performances in 21 countries.

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