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On Directing and Dramaturgy. Burning the House (in English)

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Eugenio Barba: On Directing and Dramaturgy. Burning the House.
Routledge London/NY-USA, 2010. 218 pages. In English. ISBN 978-0-415-54921-9

A theatre which is able to speak to each spectator in a different and penetrating language is not a fantastic idea, nor a utopia. This is the theatre for which many of us, directors and leaders of groups, trained for a long time.‘ Eugenio Barba

On Directing and Dramaturgy is Eugenio Barba’s unprecedented account of his own life and work. This is a major retrospective of Barba’s working methods, his practical techniques, and the life experiences which fed directly into his theatre-making.

An inspirational resource, On Directing and Dramaturgy is a dramaturgy of dramaturgies, and a professional autobiography from one of the most significant and influential directors and theorists working today. It provides unique insights into a philosophy and practice of directing for the beginning student, the experienced practitioner, and everyone in between.

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