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On Training and Performance. Traces of an Odin Teatret Actress (in English, 2014)

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Roberta Carreri: On Training and Performance. Traces of an Odin Teatret Actress 
Routledge, Oxon/New York 2014. 231 pages, illus. PB. In English. ISBN 978-1-138-78000-2

The book is emphasising the importance of training and the transmission of experience, the value of improvisation, the necessity of always finding new stimuli and opportunities for apprenticeship. The text is interwoven with numerous images from performances in which Roberta Carreri has taken part, as well as an extensive photographic documentation of the work demonstration Traces in the Snow, assembled specifically for this edition. Rich in biographical notes, technical indications, personal reflections, and extracts from her work diary, Tracce is a handbook containing the professional secrets of one of the actresses most representative of Odin Teatret, as well as the tale of a life of work, research, and passion.

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