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Stones of Water. Notes of an Odin Actress (in Arabic)

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Julia Varley: Stones of Water. Notes of an Odin Actress 
Arab Theatre Institute, Alsharika (The United Arab Emirates) 2016 – 270 pages – in Arabic. ISBN 978-9948-18-843-8

The book is a professional diary that intends to fill an empty space in the field of the theatre theory, in which the absence of women, hardly recognised and mentioned as teachers, is evident. The volume covers Julia’s Varley professional life story as an actress and theatre researcher beside Eugenio Barba, from the first artistic and political experiences at the Centro Sociale Santa Marta in the Milan of the ’70s, to the meeting with Odin Teatret and the decision to follow the group to Holstebro. With the intent of transmitting a different knowledge and theory, the author searches, tracks down and forges words of orientation that allow the reader to get a sense of the implicit and not evident process of theatre practice.

أحجار من الماء (STONES OF WATER)
كراسة ممثلة من مسرح الأودين (Notes from an Odin Actress)
In Arabic.

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