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Cross Pollination – dialogues in-between practice and critical thinking

6. februar @ 08:00 15. februar @ 17:00

This workshop offers a brand new opportunity to experience living and working in the laboratory theatre spaces of Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (NTL) in Holstebro, Denmark. In this intensive ‘hands- and minds-on’ workshop, students will investigate the role of technique and research, both in training and in the creation of artistic material, in terms of producing knowledge. This workshop offers an introduction to the interplay between artistic practices and critical thinking. Participants will receive a reader with theoretical and praxical texts on contemporary philosophy, feminism and ecological concepts which will be explored in the studio.  

Students will be guided by Adriana La Selva and Marije Nie, experienced research-practitioners from two platforms connected to NTL: Cross Pollination and The Bridge of Winds. In addition there will be interaction with the Odin Teatret archives and some of the resident artists of NTL. 

The workshop integrates praxical and reflective methods to critically experience a theatre laboratory as an expanded frame for artistic research and an incubator for personal practices. Over the course of the workshop, two complementary approaches to professional laboratory work will be explored: vertical and codified psychophysical and vocal training, enriching the theatrical presence, precision and energetic qualities of the  performer; and the horizontal and dialogical approach of the Cross Pollination Research Platform, which stimulates the development of training, dramaturgical tactics for creation, collaborative modes of reflection and the nourishment of poetic practices. 

The workshop envisions yet a third layer of work, leading to questions of documentation, transmission and archival practices. Specific works developed in the course of Odin Teatret’s history will be explored, in order to stimulate novel and alternative ways of reflecting on and supporting training, artistic research, and creative processes. 

  • To apply, send a CV and letter of intention to workshop@odinteatret.dk
  • Application Deadline: 10 December
  • Acceptance by 15 December 2022
  • Fee to be paid by 10 January 2023
  • Includes:
  •   Intensive program led by experts including research and training sessions; critical thinking; reflective dialogues and films
  •   10 days of work, 8 hours per day
  •   Access to working spaces and common areas, such as Music room, Library, Archive and Video room
  •   Accommodation:
  •     ◦    Lodging for 12 nights at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium- Odin Teatret
  •     ◦    Communal kitchen to prepare lunch and dinner. Fridge to keep personal food
  •     ◦    Shared rooms, bathrooms and showers
  • Fee:
  •         1,700€  Early Pay deadline: December 30th 2022. Food not included.
  •         2,000€  Payment Deadline: January 31st, 2023. Food not included.
  • Dates: 6 – 15 February 2023 (NB: Arrival on 5th – departure on 16th)
  • Working language: English
  • More information will follow after being accepted 


særkærparken 144
Holstebro, 7500 Danmark
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