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5. februar @ 08:00 11. februar @ 17:00

The participants will learn strategies to create scenic material using TRAINING as a bridge of creation, providing an experience to identify performative needs, broaden their references and promote the discovery of their own creative voice through working in group.

The sessions combine theoretical and practical work leading the development of acting techniques that enable the participant to find organicity between their mind, voice and body. 

Principles of the training:

  • Balance between mind – body and emotion
  • Breathing awareness and active relaxation
  • Focus, resistance and endurance
  • Levels and directions in space and time
  • Rhythm and musicality
  • Playfullness
  • Flow and awareness of the body’s centre, grounding.

Module 1: “Energy in action” by Carolina Pizarro

This module is focused on the research about “pre-expressive level of acting” in order to discover different kinds of ”energy in action” and how to apply this in a creative process. For that purpose, we gather and offer a dialogue between concrete tools of ancestral disciplines, like Kalaripayattu (Martial Art from India) with different principles such as repetition, composition and opposition based on the Theatre Anthropology.

The participants will use silence, diverse music and texts in order to dialogue with tiredness and develop resistance, patience and perseverance; increase effort capacity and keeping calm by being in present.

Module 2: The space in between led by Ariel Gutierrez.

In this module, the participants are invited to awaken their sensorial body, gaining a deeper understanding of the essential dynamic forces within any art form, their vital function in the construction of artistic work, and how to apply them to dramatic creation.

We will explore the idea of embodiment as a key element in the process of developing original work linking movement and emotion, life and art, the physical body and the poetic body through different elements such as music, poetry and architecture.

Module 3:  Dwell the abyss led by Luis Alonso

In this module we will work in stilts, learning how to safely stand up, walk, fall and jump as if stilts would be our own legs.

During this process of understanding how to walk with “new legs”, the participants will explore their creativity based on the notion of creating from uncertainty. We will venture far from the idea of preparing the necessary tools to be able to succeed on stage, confronting ourselves to the unknown and the difference.

By giving “First Steps” in stilts, the participants will deal with their resistances and fears through exercises that are designed to confront the doubt and improvise with their best dedication and disposition in face to challenges. In this way, create and generate new ideas, using their strenghts and phisical intellingence to ignite their individual art purposes. Having a new body could lead us to learn how to walk again.

To apply send a CV, headshot and letter of intention to carolina@ntl.dk before January 31st


  • Program led by experts: training, talks and films. 5 days of work, 8 hours per day.
  • Performances led by Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium / Odin Teatret Artists.
  • Access to working spaces and common areas, such as Music room, Library, Archive and Video room.
  • Accommodation:
    • Lodging for 6 nights at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium- Odin Teatret.
    • Communal kitchen to prepare lunch and dinner. Fridges to keep personal food.
    • Shared rooms, bathrooms and showers. Laundry.


særkærparken 144
Holstebro, 7500 Danmark
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