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Cele cinci continente ale teatrului. Fapte si legende din cultura materiala a actorului (in Romanian)

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By Eugenio Barba & Nicola Savarese

Cele cinci continente ale teatrului. Fapte si legende din cultura materiala a actorului 
Nemira Publishing House, Bucaresti Romania 2018. 408 pages, 1400 illus. In Romanian. ISBN 978-606-43-0281-6

„De unde vin? Cine sunt? Încotro mă îndrept? Pentru a răspunde la aceste întrebări, trebuie să privim din altă perspectivă nenumăratele forme, experienţe, vestigii şi mistere transmise de istoria profesiei noastre. E singurul mod de a ne dota cu o busolă personală pentru a străbate cele cinci continente ale meseriei noastre: când, unde, cum, pentru cine şi de ce se face teatru.”

The Five Continents of Theatre. Facts and Legends about the Material Culture of the Actor
The Five Continents of Theatre undertakes the exploration of the material culture of the actor, which involves the actors’ pragmatic relations and technical functionality, their behaviour, the norms and conventions that interact with those of the audience and the society in which actors and spectators equally take part.

Auxiliary techniques repeat themselves not only throughout different historical periods, but also across all theatrical traditions. Interacting dialectically in the stratification of practices, they respond to basic needs that are common to all traditions when a performance has to be created and staged. A comparative overview of auxiliary techniques shows that the material culture of the actor, with its diverse processes, forms and styles, stems from the way in which actors respond to those same practical needs. The authors’ research for this aspect of theatre anthropology was based on examination of practices, texts and of 1400 images, chosen as exemplars.


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